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Interpret1 :ERSEL HICKEY
Art : CD
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BCK 27119


1  Bluebirds Over The Mountains

2  Goin´ Down The Road

3  Then I´ll be Happy

4  You´re No Good

5  Hangin´ Around

6  Pushin´ (Instr.)   (unreleased)

7  You Threw A Dart

8  Upside Down Love

9  The Millionaire

10 I´m Walkin´  (unreleased)

11 Street Car Of Desire  (unreleased)

12 Juliet   (Instr.)   (unreleased)

13 You Never Can tell

14 Strings Of Gitarro

15 Put Your Mind At Ease

16 Some Enchanted Evening

17 Trying To Get To You

18 Blue Skies

19 Stardust Brought Me You

20 Heartbreak Hotel

21 Slidin´ Home 

22 Bluebirds Over The Mountains  2

23 Teardrops At Dawn

24 Rockabilly Dreams

25 In Spite Of The Fool I Am

26 Country Tough

27 Music Man   (unreleased)

28 Twice Times Down   (unreleased)

29 Let Me Be Your Radio  (unreleased)


Rare und unveröffentlichte Songs inklusive seiner ersten Aufnahmen die hier erstmals veröffentlicht wurden.  Ersel Hickey verdankt seinen Ruf einem Promotion Foto welches ihn in einer inzwischen zur Kultfigur stilisierten Pose zeigt, die als Synonym für Rockabilly Musik steht. Aber nicht nur eingängige Rockabilly Musik hat er aufgenommen, sondern konnte mit seiner Eigenkomposition "Bluebirds Over The Mountains" einen großen Hit abliefern, inklusive Cover Versionen von den Beach Boys und Ritchie Valens.


Here we have a collection of rare and unreleased recordings by one of Rock & Roll most iconic figures. He is more famos for one of his promotion pictures which became a archetypical icon of 1950s Rockabilly Music. But he´s much more than a picture as you can hear on this overview from his carreer, including his very first recordings released for the very first time on CD and other unreleased songs plus some of his best rocking hits.

Ersel Hickey (born Ersel O'Hickey, June 27, 1934 – July 9, 2004) was an American rockabilly singer best known for his hit song "Bluebirds over the Mountain".

Hickey was born in Brighton, New York, and was named after the family doctor, Dr. Ersel.[1] His mother was from Kingston, Ontario; his father, who was Irish, died when Hickey was four. He was one of eight children. One brother's name was Allen and another brother's name was William. His mother had a nervous breakdown and was put into a mental hospital, while he was put into foster homes. He would frequently run away, living in different parts of New York State.

When Hickey was 15, he started traveling with his sister Chicky Evans, an exotic dancer. She was very popular in the carnival circuits and together they traveled for about a year. He decided to go on his own and travel with the carnival, then left and then began living in Columbus, Ohio. From there he was sent to a "tough kids" home, where he became familiar with the main rhythm and blues groups and started singing with the gospel group there

In 1954, Hickey heard Elvis Presley's "I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine" and became a devoted fan of rock and roll. He was playing a few places in Rochester, New York that his brother booked him in; he was drawing very well. It was around this time that he made his first record on Fine Records. One side was "Then I'll Be Happy", an old song; the other side was "Baby You're No Good", a song he had written. The single was released locally, but not much happened with it.

While visiting Rochester in 1957, Phil Everly told Hickey he should write his own material. That night Hickey wrote "Bluebirds Over the Mountain", which he subsequently recorded and charted at No. 75 in the United States. The song was later recorded by Ritchie Valens in 1958 and was a top 100 hit for The Beach Boys in the United States and the United Kingdom in 1968.

Hickey also wrote songs for other artists, including "The Millionaire" for Jackie Wilson, "A Little Bird Told Me So" for LaVern Baker, and "Don't Let the Rain Come Down", which was a US top ten hit for the Serendipity Singers.

Hickey's contribution to the genre has been recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

In 1957 Hickey was staying with his aunt in Buffalo, New York when he arranged to have publicity pictures taken at a local photography studio, Gene Laverne's Studio of the Stars. The pose—Hickey with his knees bent and pointing his guitar like a machine gun—was the idea of Laverne, an exotic dancer and female impersonator. The photograph appeared in 1976 on the opening page of The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll.


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