LEE DENSON The Southïs Gonna Rise Again CD HYDRA

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Interpret1 :LEE DENSON
Art : CD
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BCK 27115


1  The South Gonna Rise Again

2  Heart Of A Fool

3  The Pied Piper

4 Red Hot Rockin´ Blues

5  Love Twister

6  It Took Too Long

7  Rock Daddy Rock

8  Red Hot Rockin´ Ralley

9  Twang

10 A Tree In The Meadow

11 Devil Doll

12 High School Hop

13 New Shoes

14 Climb Love Mountain

15 Who Tickled The Sphinx

16 Teen Age World

17 The South Gonna Rise Again  (demo)

18 Missisippi Bridge

19 Sixteen States

20 The Miracle Of The Rosary

21 A Mom And Dad For Christmas

Bonus songs

22 Heart Of A Fool  (Jerry Capeheart with Eddie Cochran)

23 The Miracle Of The Rosary   (Elvis)


Rockabilly Killers von dem Künstler der Elvis das Gitarrenspielen beibrachte, mit Johnny & Dorsey Burnette boxte und Eddie Cochran als Gitarrist hatte, bevor er Priester wurde.

Rockabilly Killers from the guy who taught Elvis to play the guitar, boxed with Johnny & Dorsey Burnette and had Eddie Cochran as a guitar player, before becoming a preecher.


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