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Art : CD
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BCD 27144


1  Strutt My Stuf

2  Southbound Special

3  Tight Shoe Boogie

4  We´ll Never Part

5  Bull Frog Boogie

6  I Cried In My Sleep

7  Rock And Roll Joys

8  Stone Heart

9  Grandma Rock And Roll

10 I Love You Baby

11 Turning The Tables

12 Love So Rare

13 I Love You Baby

14 Stone Heart

15 Got The Best Of me

16 It´s Our Secret

17 Talk To Me Baby

18 Tomorrow

19 Move It On Over

20 Sing Me A Sad Song

21 It´s My Way Of Loving You

22 It Must Be Raining

23 Afraid

24 I Love You Baby

25 Pretty Things

26 That´s What I Need


Donnie Bowser was the name that country music fans knew him by. But his real name was Donnie Bowshier; he lamented that he changed the spelling because the disc jockeys had trouble pronouncing his name correctly.

He was a native of Madison Mills, Ohio,but his life was not your typical life of a country music singer. When he was just three years old, he had a polio attack. It may have left him handicapped, and facing the world from a wheel chair, but that did not deter his musical aspirations.

In 1950, when he was just thirteen years old, he formed his own band that was known as the JR Melody Boys and through their popularity came to the attention of the King Record label and earned them a recording contract in 1953, when Donnie was about 16 years old. They went to Cincinnati, Ohio to do their first two recordings with King that were released on the Skip record label that King owned. The vocals were credited to a fellow by the name of Slim Redman.

Donnie's musical career took another turn in 1955 when he inked a deal with the Dess record label based in Wilmington, Ohio. That was the group that went into the recording studios in 1956 to record a couple of songs. One was "Rock and Roll Joys" and the other would become long associated with Donnie, "Stone Heart". During that session, Gene Sisco did a number called "Grandma Rock and Roll" for Dess as well. Sam Salyer was listed as co-writer of "Stone Heart" along with Donnie.

Donnie and his band did many personal appearances around Ohio. They also did many appearances with Hardrock Gunter and the WWVA Jamboree show.

"Stone Heart" caught on with the audiences. So much so, that in 1957, Donnie regrouped and formed a new band that he named the Stonehearts. It was at this time he decided to change his stage name to Bowser because the disc jockeys were not consistent in pronouncing his family name. It did well again, so they just kept on releasing it on other labels."

In 1965, he did his first album for the Top Tenn label and was recorded at the Megacity Recording Studio based in Dayton, Ohio. Again, he seemed to disappear from the recording arena for a long spell until fans heard him again in 1972 on the Stop record label. This time, his career saw him doing appearances on the famed WSM Grand Ole Opry in Nashville as well as the Cowtown Jamboree in Fort Worth in 1970. In fact, he hosted that Cowtown Jamboree show for a time. He continued to record for various other labels during this time. On September 16, 1989, "Falling For You" mad its appearance on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart at number 90.

Donnie passed away suddenly in 2002 of a heart attack.

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