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Art : CD
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BCK 27136


1  Bertha Lou                       Clint Miller

2  Hip Shakin´ Baby             Marshall Lytle   (Comets)

3  Honey Baby                     Nick Venet

4  I Don´t Like It                   Tony Penn

5  Tear It Up                         Charlie Feathers

6  Hey Pretty Baby               Ricky Nelson

7  Eternally                           Jackie Walker

8  Be My Love Tonight          Roy Brown

9  Bertha Lou                       Alan Knight

10 Roosalee                        Shuggy Bo

11 Ain´t That Fine                Roger Miller

12 Tall Oak Tree                   Deke Wade

13 Gypsy Woman                Ricky Nelson

14 Green Grass Of Texas     Billy Vaughn

15 Just Keep On Going       Fabian

16 I´ve Been Thinkin           Ricky Nelson

17  Pure Love                      Donnie & Ronnie

18 Hey Little One                 J Frank Wilson

19 Snacky Poo 2                 Ring A Dings

20 One Of These Mornings  Ricky Nelson

21 Lonely Lonely Train         Sonny Anderson

22 I Don´t Want To Know     Scott Engel   (Scott Walker)

23 Just A Little Too Much     Col Joye

24 Tired & Lonely Rebel        Nick Adams

25 A Long Vacation              Ricky Nelson

26 Twinkie Lee                     Wayne Stevenson


27 Fly Away And Hurry Home    Dorsey & Johnny Burnette   (unreleased)


Part 2 in our series of compositions by Johnny & Dorsey Burnette brings you again a wide variety of Rock & Roll and Rockabilly by various artists. Some of the recordings have been produced by the Burnette brothers or they help out in the studio. Johnny & Dorsey Burnette are cult icons among the Rockabilly scene with their early recordings as The Rock & Roll trio, which at that time wasn´t too successful. But at the end of the 1950s and 1960 they were able to gains hits by themselfs, but they always were much more successful as songwriters for other artists including Ricky Nelson, Brenda Lee, ...... This CD series takes, for the first time, a closer look at their writing abilities.

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