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Interpret1 :BENNIE HESS
Art : CD
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BCK 27129


1  Bennie Hess Boogie

2  You Just Won´t Do

3  Drink Drink Drink

4  Jungle Land Rock

5  Wild Hog Boogie

6  You Ain´t Cheating On Me Now

7  I´m So In Love With You

8  Boppin´ The Rock

9  You Called Me Honey

10 Lifes Meditation

11 Novelty Yodel 1

12 Wild Hog Hop

13 Your Kind Ain´t Hard To get

14 Bennie Hess Boogie

15 Bennie´s Texas Blues

16 Novelty Yodel 2 - 1/2 Century Blues

17 Tennessee mama Blues

18 Truck Driving Man

19 Country Style Boogie

20 Look Once More Before You Go

21 Blue Monday Night

22 Teenage Bop

23 Gone Mama Blues

24 Elvis Presley Boogie

25 Travellin´ Blues

26 Wild Hog Hop

27 I´m A One Woman Man

28 Two Potatoes And One Oignon

29 Truckers Blues

30 Troy Hess Boogie


US Country and Rockabilly singer Bennie Hess was born February 10, 1914 in Chriesman (Texas). Bennie Hess formed his first band The Rhythm Wranglers in 1940 and played a show on the local radio KFYO Lubbock (Texas). First recorded in 1947 for the Black And White Records and then for a wide variety of labels including his own Spade and Showland company. Bennie spent some time at the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport (Louisiana), the Big D Jamboree in Dallas (Texas) and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville(Tennessee). He produced many other artists including his son Troy Hess and was a wheeling and dealing business man and larger than life caracter. . Bennie Hess died November 22, 1984 in Houston (Texas).  Texas Rockabilly and Country at it´s best.

There have been many colorful characters in the record business and Bennie Hess

is way up there on the list. Some, but not all, of his traits were as a hillbilly and

rockabilly singer, guitarist, fanatical follower of (Country) Jimmie Rodgers, an avid

Ernest Tubb stylist,a persistant eccentric record man for over 30 years, a born

optimist, a natural hustler and a raconteur of tall stories - this and much more

was Bennie Hess.  Hillbilly and Rockabilly collectors around the globe are

constantly searching for Bennie´s recordings. So,they will be happy that finally

his first sole album is available without spending hundreds of Dollars for his songs.

Texas born Bennie learned to play guitar from legendary “Blue Yodeler” Jimmie

Rodgers and started recording in the 1940s with local success until 1948 when

his “Tonight And Every Night” went to number 1. He started some own labels

and recorded under various names in the years to follow. While working

with Elvis he saw  that this new Rockabilly music had some potential, and so

he started recording and producing some fine records in this style.Also he never had

any chart success again, in the 70s there was some new interest in him and his

music, which was the reason he re-released some of his old recordings and

also made new ones. He even was part of an BBC TV production called “All You

Need Is Love”.   In later years he started promoting his son Troy as the youngest

honky tonk singer, before Bennie passed away in 1984.

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