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Interpret1 :EDDIE COOLEY
Art : CD
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BCK 27130


1  studio talk

2  Priscilla

3  Got A Little Woman

4  Driftwood

5  A Spark Met A Flame

6  Hey You

7  Pull Mon Pull

8  Juicy Fruit    unreleased

9  The Wildest Time    unreleased

10 Betty Lou    unreleased

11 Let´s Carve Our Names    unreleased

12 Harry And Carry     unreleased

13 Be My Steady      unreleased

14 Leona

15 Priscilla     unreleased

16 Fever

17 Lay It On

Bonus songs: Eddie Cooley with Friends

18 All Shook Up   (Otis Blackwel)

19 Tweedle Dee   (Winfield Scott)

20 Send For Me   (Ollie Jones)

21 Jim Dandy   (Lincoln Chase)

22 The Angels Listen In   (Billy Dawn)

23 When I Saw You   (Billy Dawn)

24 Hot Biscuits And Sweet Marie    (Lincoln Chase)

25 Come On Come On   (Ollie Jones)

26 Music And Fire    (Otis Blackwell)

27 Some Cold Night Now    (Winfield Scott)


Edward James Cooley (April 15, 1933 – April 15, 2020 in Atlanta,GA) war ein amerikanischer Rhythm & Blues Sänger und Komponist der in New York lebte. 1955 kontaktierte er seinen Kollegen Otis Blackwell und bat ihn um Hilfe bei einem Song den er nicht fertig stellen konnte - "Fever". Die erste Aufnahme von Little Willie John wurde 1956 ein Nummer 1 Hit. Es folgten dutzende von Cover Versionen inklusive Peggy LeeElvis PresleyMadonnaBeyoncé. Die beiden arbeiteten auch weiterhin zusammen. Seinen Song "Priscilla" bot er Boyd Bennet an der ihn ablehnte, aber das Demo landete bei Royal Roost Records and dem DJ Alan Freed beteiligt war. Sie nahmen den Songs zusammen mit The Dimpels erneut auf und er kam damit auf Platz 20 der Charts. Tourneen und weitere Aufnahmen folgten. Nach einer gemeinsamen LP mit Komponisten Kollegen 1961 zog er sich als Sänger zurück und verstarb 2020 in Meridian, Missisippi. Hier sind seine kompletten Aufnahmen vereint.


Edward James Cooley (April 15, 1933 – April 15, 2020) was an American R&B singer and songwriter, who co-wrote the much-recorded song "Fever." He also had a US pop hit in 1956 with "Priscilla," credited to Eddie Cooley and the Dimples.

Cooley was born in Atlanta, Georgia, later moving to New York City, where he befriended singer and songwriter Otis Blackwell. Around 1955 he contacted Blackwell with an idea for a song he had written, "Fever." According to Blackwell, Cooley said to him: "Man, I got an idea for a song called 'Fever,' but I can´t finish it." Blackwell finished writing the song, and it was recorded by Little Willie John, becoming an R&B #1 hit in 1956, and later being recorded by Peggy LeeElvis PresleyMadonnaBeyoncé, and many others.

Cooley and Blackwell continued to collaborate on songs for musicians on the King label, including The 5 Royales and Joe Tex. Later in 1956, Cooley presented a song, "Priscilla," to singer Boyd Bennett, who turned it down. A demo version reached Teddy Reig of Royal Roost Records, and he arranged for Cooley to record it with a backing trio of girl singers, The Dimples – Beverly Coates, Carolyn Coates and Barbara Sanders – who Blackwell had discovered. The record was "something of an anomaly: a black man performing in a rockabilly style. It was promoted by DJ Alan Freed, and after first becoming successful on the east coast rose up the national charts, reaching #20 on the Billboard pop chart in November 1956. Although Cooley was not primarily a singer, he promoted it by touring.

Eddie Cooley and the Dimples recorded several further singles for the Royal Roost label, but none were successful. He then returned to songwriting, and his songs were recorded by the female R&B singer Tiny Topsy ("Aw! Shucks, Baby"), and by Buzz Clifford and Conway Twitty. In 1959, he made his last recordings, for Herb Abramson's Triumph label, but again they were unsuccessful. In the early 1960s, after Blackwell had had continued success as a songwriter for Elvis Presley, in particular, he approached Cooley to contribute tracks to the album We Wrote 'Em, We Sing 'Em. Cooley performed "Fever" and "Lay It On" on the album, released by MGM in 1961.

He died at Anderson Regional Medical Center in Meridian, Mississippi on April 15, 2020, his 87th birthday.  He we have collected his complete recorded work.

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