ELVIS - The King Of The Jungle - The Ultimate ´68 Comeback Special Book - Erik Lorentzen - KJ

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Interpret: Elvis

Art: Buch / Book

Label: JK

Artikel Nr.: ISBN 978-82-998550-6-8



Elvis Presley: The King Of The Jungle - The Ultimate '68 Comeback Special Book

(2014/KJ Consulting) Hardvocer, 25x30 cm, 544 pages, 3.4kg.

If there is any period of Elvis' career that all fans seem to agree on, it is Elvis' 1968 TV special. Who can disagree on how magnificent Elvis looked and how extraordinarily he performed in this all-important moment of his career. The NBC special was the true key to Elvis' renaissance and his triumphant return from the mid-sixties gloom. After this nothing would be the same. In his Bill Belew designed all-leather jumpsuit Elvis looked like a Greek Adonis – did he ever look better? Elvis fans have of course all seen the TV Comeback Special, possibly the subsequent expanded DVDs and perhaps bought some previous books all about it. Even Lorentzen's 'Elvis Files Vol.4' featured 100 pages on the topic, although he is careful not to repeat all the same articles and photos here. But how can any fan not gaze in wonder and excitement while looking through a 546-page extravaganza printed on high-quality glossy paper and packed with nothing else but glorious images of Elvis from this amazing, life-changing event. Perhaps all you need to know about this book is that over 300 pages are magnificent FULL-SIZE images, most of them in tremendous quality and plenty of them that you will have not seen before. And these books are huge coffee-table size books.
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