BOBBY FULLER - El Paso Rock Volume 2 - More Early Recordings - CD Norton

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Interpret: Bobby Fuller

Art: CD

Label: Norton

Artikel Nr.: CED 260


Bobby Fuller: El Paso Rock - Early Recordings Vol.2 (CD)

(1997/NORTON) 20 rare tracks
The explosive second volume of early El Paso recordings on the great revered Rock n' Roll King of the Southwest! Incl. giant selection of never before issued live mayhem from Texas teen clubs, shopping centers, bowling alleys circa 1962-64 plus insane home recordings! From savage instrumentals to Buddy Hollyesque ballads to suds-soaked surf attacks to burly crowd pleasers, the legend lives on! All in illustrious master tape quality! Giant 28-page bio booklet includes never seen photos, detailed interviews with original band members, friends & fans, plus scrapbook gems, handwritten lyrics, etc! A flat-out total monster bash!
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