VARIOUS ARTISTS Like Wow (signed by Tony Conn) LP HYDRA

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Art : LP
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BLK 7702



1  Like Wow                       Tony Conn

2  Run Rabbit Run             Tony Conn

3  Dangerous Doll              Tony Conn

4  You Pretty Thing            Tony Conn

5  I´m Gonna Put A Cricket In Your Ear    Tommie Latham

6  I´s Love To Take You Walkin´                Little Denny

7  Rock´n´Roll Blues                                 Little Denny

8  The Flying Fish                                     Little Denny



1  Bertha Lou                      Johnny Burnett & Rock´n´Roll Trio

2  Til The Law Says Stop    Dorsey Burnette & The Rock´n´Roll Trio

3  Teare Down The House  Morty Maker

4  Movin´ In                         unknown

5  Red Headed Woman      unknown

6  Just As Long                   Rudy Hansen

7  Caterpillar                       Boppin´ Daniels & His Rockabilly´s

8  Blue Willow                     Tommy Lam



Wildman Tony Conn der hier mit seinen ganzen original Decca Aufnahmen vertreten ist, teilt sich diese LP mit anderen obskuren Künstern und deren raren Aufnahmen.Great 1950s Rockabilly -  Like Wow. Wir haben nur noch sehr wenige Exemplare der LP die von Tony Conn unterschrieben wurden.

Wildman Tony Conn with all his original Decca Recordings shares this LP with a bunch of rare recordings by mostly obscure rocking artists. Great 1950s Rockabilly - Like Wow

We only have very few copies left that have been signed by Tony Conn

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