JAMIE COE Summertime Symphony CD HYDRA

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Interpret1 :JAMIE COE
Art : CD
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BCK 27148


1  Summertime Symphony

2  There´s Gonna Be A Day

3  School Day Blues

4  I´ll Go On Loving You

5  Goodbye My Love Goodbye

6  There´s Never Been A Night

7  Say You

8  The Story Of Jesse James

9  I´m Gettin´ Married

10 Little Dear Little Darling

11 Two Dozen And A Half

12 Black And Blue   (Instr.)

13 How Low Is Low

14 Movin´ Out   (Instr.)

15 But Yesterday

16 Cleopatra

17 The Dealer   (Instr.)

18 Never Part

19 Make That Dream Come True

20 Killer Joe   (Instr.)

21 The Fool

22 I´ve Got That Feeling Again

23 Don´t You Just Know It

24 Close Your eyes

25 I Cried On My Pillow

26 I Was The One

27 Good Enough For A King

28 A Long Time Ago

29 The One Who really Loves You

30 Green Back Dollar

31 First Girl


Detroits Rock & Roll Heroen Jamie Coe & The Gigolo´s, entdeckt von Bobby Darin, waren Lokalmatadoren bis zu Jamie Coe´s ableben die Fans begeisterten. Einige seiner Musiker halfen bei anderen Künstlern wie Johnny & The Hurricanes, The Royaltones, Del Shannon,... auf bevor sie wieder zu ihm zurück gingen. Hier sind alle ihre frühen Aufnahmen und Hits versammelt, inklusive seiner Tanzboden erprobten Version von The Fool.


Detroit's Rock & Roll heros Jamie Coe & The Gigolos discovered by Bobby Darin, rocked the area for decades. Some of the musicians moved back and forth from bands like Johnny & THe Hurricanes, The Royaltones, Del Shannon a.o.
Here we present their early recordings (incl. all the hits like his dancefloor approved version of 'The Fool').

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