RONNIE SELF Mr.Frantic is Boppinï The Blues CD HYDRA

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Interpret1 :RONNIE SELF
Art : CD
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BCK 27113


1  Introduction by Biff Collie

2  Bop A Lena

3  Short Fat Fannie

4  Flame Of Love

5  Roll Over Beethoven

6  Grandma´s Rockin

7  Money Honey

8  Boppin´ The Blues

9  About Cured?

10 Hair Of The Dog

11 Rocky Road Blues

12 I Want You To Know

13 Sweet Little Sixteen

14 Keep A Knockin´

15 Long Train To Memphis

16 High On Life

17 The Road Keeps Winding

18 When He Flies Away

19 I´m Gonna Try You

20 Boppin´ The Blues

21 Bop A Lena

22 The Hurt Is Free

23 How Careless Of Me

24 Long Distance Kiss

25 Ain´t I A Dandy

26 Here Comes Authority

27 I Started World War I.

28 I´ve Been brought Down

29 My Own Kick Going

30 Wild And Wooly Life

31 Waitin´ For The Gin To Hit Me

Ronnie Self war einer der jungen Wilden der Rockabilly Szene der 1950er. Alle Aufnahmen hier sind erstmals auf einer CD veröffentlicht, inklusive vieler unveröffentlichter Lieder.

Ronnie elf was one of the wild kids on the 1950s Rockabilly scene. All these recordings are on a CD for the very first time including many unreleased. 

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