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As usually most of the songs are released on a CD for the very first time and they all

come with extensive liner notes and rare pictures.



Finest rockin´ rollin´ vocal group sound from New York including their 1958 hit “Whishing For Your Love”.

The Bellhops started out in 1956 before becoming The Voxpoppers a year later, recording not only Doo Wop songs

but showing off their talent on various instruments and danceable rock ´n´ roll recordings.





1 Jitterbug Heart / 2 Please Don´t Say No To Me / 3 Merchant Street Blues / 4 I´m Aleavin / 5 Please Pretty Please /

6 Searching / 7 Come Back Little Girl / 8 A Love To Last A Lifetime / 9 We Have Fun / 10 Why Do You Treat Me This

Way / 11 The Last Drag / 12 Wishing For Your Love / 13 Rang Dang Doo Ting A Ling / 14 Angela / 15 Pony Tail /

16 Stroll Roll (Instrumental) / 17 Ping Pong Baby / 18 Teenage Years / 19 Guitar Stroll (Instrumental) / 20 Carmella /

21 Can´t Understand It / 22 A Blessing After All / 23 Lonely For You / 24 Helen Isn´t Tellin´ / 25 In My Heart Of Hearts /

26 A Puppet On A String



JIMMIE MADDIN – “Hey Rock – Best Of”     HYDRA BCK 27150

Jimmie Maddin was a local hero of the breeding music scene in Los Angeles during the 1950s. Besides

honkin´ his saxophone in his own clubs, he produced many other bands (Seeds, Persuadors,..), was the

musical director for some classic drive in B-Movies and played with Marilyn Monroe in a film.




1 Boogie Boo / 2 I Like A Shuffle Beat / 3 I stole De Wedding Ring / 4 Play Ball / 5 Let ´em Roll / 6 Colleen / 7 Hey

Roc / 8 Tongue Tied / 9 You Know / 10 Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie / 11 Party Line / 12 Shirley Purley / 13 Cruising

(Instrumental) / 14 Stop The World / 15 Night Hop (Instrumental) / 16 I Just Can´t Say Goodnight / 17 I´m

Studying You / 18 We Love The Dodgers / 19 Bird Dog / 20 Girls Girls Girls / 21 Campus Raid / 22 Roadracers /

23 Leadfoot / 24 The Headless Ghost / 25 Horrors Of The Black Museum / 26 Don´t Stop Now / 27 This Dance

Is Mine (Instrumental) / 28 Mashin´ Grapes (Instrumental) / 29 The Crescendo Twist / 30 Twist Around The World /

31 Rock-A-Nova / 32 The Beetle-Bomb / 33 Stomp ´em Out (Instrumental) / 34 Jerry Lee Lewis announcement



DON LANIER & The Rhythm Orchids (Buddy Knox & Jimmy Bowen) – “Ponytail Girl”   HYDRA BCK 27151

Don Lanier was not only the guitar player with Buddy Knox and Jimmy Bowen´s Rhythm Orchids, he recorded

some great Tex Mex rock ´n´roll songs for Norman Petty and others. A long overlooked talent.





1 Private Property (Alt. Take) / 2 Rockabilly Walk (Instrumental) / 3 Ponytail Girl / 4 Tease (unreleased) / 5 Right Now /

6 Since You Went Away To School / 7 Don´t Try To Change Me / 8 Leave Those Cats Alone / 9 Private Property /

10 Yellow Rose Of Texas (Instrumental) / 11 Ponytail Girl (alt. Take) / 12 Need Your Loving / 13 Sweetness / 14 I Don´t

Think You Love Me Anymore / 15 Gangster Of Love / 16 My Little Boy´s Hands / 17 I Wanna Go Somewhere

Bonus: Live Recording by Buddy Knox,Jimmie Bowen & Don Lanier – 18 Party Doll / 19 I´m Stickin´ With You / 20

Party Doll & Hula Love

We sadly have to announce, that legendary Rock´n´Roll artist Don Lanier has passed away.

Don Lanier, a hit songwriter who later found hits for Reba McEntireGeorge Strait and more, died at the age of 78.

Lanier died on July 23, 2014 after a lengthy and influential career in the music business. The Texas native’s career really began when he joined Buddy Knox and Jimmy Bowen for the Rhythm Orchids in 1956. The band got together to help Buddy Knox in the studio, playing on one of his biggest hits, ‘Party Doll.’ Although he didn’t help pen the song, he did help on other tunes like ‘I’m Stickin’ With You,’ ‘Hula Love,’ and ‘Rock Your Little Baby to Sleep.’. During the time with The Rhythm Orchids he recorded several Rockabilly and Tex Mex Rock & Roll songs, which were released on CD shortly before he passed away “Don Lanier – Ponytail Girl” Hydra Records BCK 27151

Lanier then moved with Bowen to Los Angeles where he started working on arrangements while becoming a highly sought after in-studio guitar player and arranger. He also wrote hits for some big name artists across various genres, including country. He wrote ‘Here We Go Again’ for Ray Charles in 1967. He also wrote for Dean Martin, the Everly Brothers and Hank Snow, among others. Lanier was with BMI at the time and they credit the musician with 42 recordings.

After moving to Nashville Lanier began to find songs for other artists, including McEntire, Strait, Loretta Lynn, and Patty Loveless. He also wrote for Glen Campbell, Nancy Sinatra and Norah Jones during his lengthy career.


Mit bedauern müssen wir mitteilen, dass der legendäre Gitarrist, Komponist und Sänger Don Lanier am 23 Juli 2014 mit 78 Jahren verstorben ist. Erst einige Wochen zuvor erschien die erste Retrospektive über sein eigenes musikalische Werk bei Hydra Records „Don Lanier – Ponitail Girl“ BCK 27151. Don begann in den 50er Jahren als Gitarrist bei den Rhythm Orchids, der Band von Buddy Knox und Jimmy Bowen. Er spielte auf fast all ihren Hits wie Party Doll, Hula Love, Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep, I´m Stickin´ With You,…. Nebenbei nahm er bevorzugt in Norman petty´s Clovis Studio eigene Rockabilly und Tex Mex Rock & Roll Platten auf. Jimmy Bowen nahm ihn mit nach Los Angeles und Nashville, wo er in den folgenden Jahrzehnten Hit Songs für Ray Charles, The Everly Borthers, Dean Martin, schrieb und auch half viele Nummer 1 Hits zu platzieren ua. mit Frank & Nancy Sinatra, Loretty Lynn, Reba McEntire,.....

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